Re: F&C meat reefer prototypes

Douglas Harding

The Rapido car is a specific prototype, built by General American between 1937-1941. Other 37’ meat reefers were built by other manufacturers with different features. And each meat packer had specific features they wanted in their cars. So lots of variety. Just ask the guys trying to figure out the Swift reefer fleet.


I don’t know what prototype F&C used for their early meat reefer, but they offered it with a number of different meat company decals. So generic at best.


Doug Harding


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] F&C meat reefer prototypes


Hi guys,

An early F&C kit was the 37' wood meat reefer. I was looking at images of it, and it seems to be a different prototype from the Rapido reefer (wider fascia below the roofline and perhaps a lower door).

Does anyone know what the prototype is?


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