Re: F&C meat reefer prototypes

Drew M.

Hi Phil,
   I have several meat reefer kits done by F&C - for their own line as well as Green Dot for the RPI club. The RPI kits feature two variants: a steel underframe and a truss rod and steel center sill underframe. The car sides have cast on attaching points for steel underframe cross bearer components to attach to and which are removed for the truss rod underframe. 

Drew Marshall in snowy South Philadelphia, PA

On Wednesday, February 10, 2021, 07:15:51 PM EST, nyc3001 . <nyc3001@...> wrote:


Nice photo.
It looks exactly the same as the kit at the Worthpoint link, but it looks slightly different from the Sunshine Armour 11000 series kit.

I recall an ad about these kits saying that NEB&W apparently made another version of this kit with a different underframe.


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