ICHS project car


Can anyone shed light on a Branchline car I picked up?  It's labeled as a project of the Illinois Central Historical Society, but the society's web page doesn't seem to have a company store currently.  

The model is lettered for IC 26055, and it's a 50' riveted box with bolster-to-bolster sidesill and what I would call style B stirrup steps.  The model has a white triangular DF patch to the left of the door.  I see several photos of similar cars on rr-fallenflags, and one on rr-picturearchives.  I'm not with my books but I think I also found similar cars in the color guide.  The ORER shows 25900-26099 as DF-equipped.  Other IC cars I've seen seem to mostly just have a large DF stencil near the reporting marks.

My question is mainly, did these cars have Youngstown doors?  Some cars from nearby series with basically the same body construction have Youngstown doors and one (albeit painted orange, out of my time period) has a 6-panel Superior.

Any comments appreciated.

Ron Merrick

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