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811 cars of the same dimension and series 8101 to 9299 were listed in the October 1944 ORER and 805 in Jan 43, while the Jan 53 issue had 1396 cars in the 8101 to 9600 series.

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Let me add that as of July 1950 ORER, Wilson rostered 1481 cars, but 1295 of them are on one line with common dimensions.  The number range is 8101 to 9600.  This must be the signature car for WCLX and, hopefully, the model matches it.  (I think I have one of those early F&C kits, somewhere….)


They list a single car in the range 4301 -4399 and the notes state that car is owned by Mather.


32 cars in the series 9801 -9839; 8 cars in the series 9851 – 9868 and 9 cars in the series 9879 – 9919 all belong to North American Car, according to the notes.


The only other block of cars of note was 7501 – 7615 listed as 105 cars.  The adjacent block, 7616 – 7630 (15 cars) have common dimensions, except slightly larger ice tanks (165 versus 153 cubic feet.)


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Has anyone ever done a deep dive on history the Wilson fleet during the steam era?

No, but I took a very shallow dive.  Wilson had what I would call a medium-size reefer fleet, something on the order of 2000 cars it seems.  Data in my 1919 ORER is very sketchy.  From 1925 to 1940 (inclusive), my ORERs lack any car count data that would help identify the important cars series.  From 1945 (at least) forward there are car counts, but I am too wary of trying to backtrack the various series into the heart of the steam era.  I tried that with Swift, and it was/is an exercise in frustration.
YMMV, but that's as far as I was willing to go (or dive) with Wilson absent better ORER data.
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