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Gatwood, Elden J SAD



I can’t find the correspondence on whose, but they are definitely some kind of rectangular grid.




Apex or Blawknox, I don’t know.


Given Dec (IIRC) 1953 build, not surprising short-taper IDEs, high tack boards, OH diag panel roof.  Note doorway gussets PRR was adding in this timeframe, plus 10” (IIRC) channel side sill.


Don’t know all the brake details (yet).


One of the last cars in CK P&L.


Elden Gatwood


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Photos appear to show APEX (grid) running boards, although the photos are not definitive.

On 2/11/2021 2:23 PM, Richard Townsend via wrote:

What kind of running board did the PRR use on their X47 boxcars?

Richard Townsend

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