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That’s very useful thank very much 

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I have a Chad Boaz Mopac 45’ 8000-8099 flat car has anyone got a photo of the hand brake end please.

I have just one photo from the MP 8000-8099 series of 45’ flat cars (MP 8036 L-side), but it doesn’t provide a good view of the hand brake. All of MoPac’s flat cars built from 1936 to 1938 at their DeSoto, Mo. car shops, as well as two series built by the Bethlehem Steel Co. in 1942 all used the same hand brake - Universal Multi-Power Drop-Shaft (MP diagram denotes as drop staff). 

MP 8600-8995, 41’-3”, built 1936 
MP 9000-9199, 41’-3”, built 1937
MP 8000-8199, 45’, built 1938
MP 8100-8199, 50’, built 1942
StLB&M 8350-8399, 50’, built 1942

What I do have to offer is a decent view of the B end of MP 9014, taken ca. late-1956. The photo of the car was taken by the railroad at St. Louis to demonstrate one of MP’s ‘Truck-Rail Service” containers loaded on a flat car. It’s cropped to show the B end and scanned at 600 dpi. It’s noted the hand brake shaft & uncoupling rod have been somewhat deformed after roughly 20 years of use. 

Hoping this provides the necessary information for your model. 
Ed Hawkins

<MP 9014 Universal Multi-Power Drop-Shaft hand brake.jpg>

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