Re: Jan. 1942, Jan. 1947, Jan. 1950 ORER Data Request

Thomas Birkett <tnbirke@...>

January 1947
8101 - 9299,  1008 active cars (If Wilson Mgt. kept their register listing up to date better than I did when I managed the rail fleet for Phillips Petroleum Co.)
Fyi, there ate WCLX cars scattered all over Central Oklahoma.
Tom Birkett, Bartlesville, OK

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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Jan. 1942, Jan. 1947, Jan. 1950 ORER Data Request

STMFC members,
For a mini-project I’m working on, will appreciate your help with supplying the ORER quantity for 3 specific dates that pertain to a continuously-increasing series of 36’ Wilson Car Lines (WCLX) reefers having 8101 as the lowest car number.

January 1942, series 8101-9299:
January 1947, series 8101-9299:
January 1950, series 8101-9600:

I thank you in advance for your time & kind assistance.
Ed Hawkins

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