Re: Wilson reefers.

Douglas Harding

I have scans of the following wood Wilson reefers:

WCL 2288 damaged in PA dated 1919, photos of both sides

WCL 2366 nice billboard

WCLX 5173 closeup of roof ice hatches

WCLX 5510 getting ice at ice deck

WCLX 8171 dated 1943

WCLX 8724 at ice deck

WCLX 8724 crop of above image with dimension markings

WCLX 8884

WCLX 9038

WCLX 9258

WCLX 9272 at Maybrook yard

WCLX 9419 at Color at Maybrook yard from Bob’s photos

WCLX 9506 with doors open

WCLX 9536

A close up of the door area of a Wilson car

String of wood Wilson reefers in S Omaha c 1939


Doug Harding


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Here is a list of wood Wlson car pics from a few sources:

WCL      4218    Billboard Refrigerator Cars    builder photo
WCL      4828    Billboard Refrigerator Cars    1930's    truss rod
WCL      7554    RMJ Aug 1996            1933
WCL      7554    Billboard Refrigerator Cars    1930's
WCLX    8643    Billboard Refrigerator Cars    repainted may 1952
WCLX    8688    Billboard Refrigerator Cars    repainted june 1950
WCLX    8884    RMJ Aug 1996            Kansas City, 1950
WCLX    8966    Postwar Freight Car Fleet, p117    Reading Rutherford Yard, 3/14/48
WCLX    9258    RMJ Aug 1996            San Fran, 1954
WCLX    9350    Refrigerator Car Color Guide    Cedar Rapids, 1961
WCLX    9458    Refrigerator Car Color Guide    after 12-50?
WCLX    9487    Billboard Refrigerator Cars    1958
WCLX    9489    Billboard Refrigerator Cars    May 1961, color
WCLX    9556    Refrigerator Car Color Guide    May-60

John Hile

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