L&N Woodrack -- 2

Bob Chapman

L&N’s #20300-20349 series woodracks began life as 1920s low-side composite gondolas, rebuilt in 1940 into woodracks. F&C’s B&O P-11 flatcar is a near-perfect match for the carbody; as on the prototype, the bulkheads were soldered from used rail. Added detailing includes grabs, brake system, brakestaff, stake pockets, uncoupling levers, diagonal stay rods, and used rail as edge risers. The load is cast plaster.
Bob Chapman
p.s. THANKS for the on- and off-line offers from several STMFC listers to harvest and send natural "logs" from their backyards. I'm already fixed with the plaster loads for the woodrack fleet -- not as nice as the natural material, but OK at three feet. One more example of what a great group this is. Again -- thanks!   

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