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I can’t open the link, but you know Kadee is working their way through the PS fleet, and is doing the early PS-1’s as we speak.  You could ask Sam at Kadee directly.  They have his e-mail on their site.


Elden Gatwood


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Subject: [Non-DoD Source] [RealSTMFC] Rio Grande PS1


I am not a PS1 expert by any stretch so wondering what version of PS1 the proto photo is of the in EBAY link below?  The DRGW historical site says it was PS1 built in 1948 if that helps.  Comparing the photo to the Kadee cars the Kadee cars have an extra smaller rib on top.  Is there an HO scale model that would be closer to the proto photo?  I would like to add one to my fleet.

Rio Grande Proto photo Ebay link.

Scott McDonald 

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