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Brian Carlson

For the pressed Steel carsyou could just buy the Yarmouth model works version of the car. They gave 4 versions

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Let me add that AFAIK, the only Rio Grande 40' steel boxcars appropriate to our era of interest were Pressed Steel 12-panel, solid side sill cars with a 10' 4" IH and 6' doors. The closest model I know of were C&BT Shops kits (5/5 or 4/4 ends of 10' 6" IH, but hey, what's two inches between friends?). These were delivered in five lots. 68000-68399 of 1939 had 5/4 Dreadnaught ends (large flat space between the top wale and the running board), Youngstown corrugated doors and wood running boards. 68400-68899 (1940), 68900-69399 (1941) and 69400-69899 (1942) were identical, except for steel running boards, plus 7-panel Superior doors only on the 1942 group. The last lot was delivered in 1946 and had 4/4 improved Dreadnaught ends (top wale slightly trimmed), Youngstown doors, and ASF A-3 Ride Control Trucks. 

The joker in the deck is that ALL these cars had Duryea Cushion Underframes. Kit-bashing this underframe might be why I only did one of these cars. (Some ATSF 12-panel cars had Duryea underframes too, but I balked).

Attached are two cars from the Glenwood Springs outfit train taken from Amtrak's California Zephyr on one of many trips I took to visit my father in California. Best date would be around 2000. AX-68032 is from the 1939 group and is one of the famous Cookie Box conversions. AX-60080 is from the 1946 cars, but has had its door replaced.

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I am not a PS1 expert by any stretch so wondering what version of PS1 the proto photo is of the in EBAY link below?  The DRGW historical site says it was PS1 built in 1948 if that helps.  Comparing the photo to the Kadee cars the Kadee cars have an extra smaller rib on top.  Is there an HO scale model that would be closer to the proto photo?  I would like to add one to my fleet.

Rio Grande Proto photo Ebay link.

Scott McDonald 


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