Re: heavy duty trucks on B&LE hoppers

Corey Bonsall

Hi Bud,

I haven't been able to find drawings of those specific trucks, but like Tim mentioned, they were also used on the Carbon County Railway 3 bay hoppers here in Utah.  I had found some drawings of the Vulcan 70 ton outside clasp trucks to use on my Rio Grande projects, and taking those with some photos, managed to draft up and print some HO scale outside clasps that I think do justice to the CBC / B&LE trucks.

I haven't had any listed on Ebay for a while, as they didn't seem to be moving very well, but I have recently done a printing campaign of them again, and am working to get them clipped out and boxed up.  Sized to use Exactrail or Intermountain wheelsets (axle length of 1.004"-ish)    $5 / pair of truckframes + shipping; I think my email should show up on this reply, if interested.

Corey Bonsall

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