Re: [SouthernRailway] Inman Yard in 1946 or 47

Daniel A. Mitchell

Yes, it is a typical dry-ice car. There were many minor variations. Common owner names were “Mathieson”, "Pure Carbonic", and “Liquid Carbonic” companies.

Some just looked much like normal refrigerator cars, and a number of HO models of conventional reefers have been painted in “dry Ice” livery. Ambroid-Northeastern and Westerfield offered PRR R7 wooden reefers in the silver “Mathieson" paint scheme. Red Ball had a classic wood and cardboard straight-side Sant Fe dry-ice car, and  Varney (1947) had wood and cardboard straight-sided kit.

However many seem to have had the sloped (angled) upper side panels as seen in the photo being discussed. In HO there was a nice stamped aluminum-foil kit from Laconia-Binkley (1950’s) with the tapered sides as shown in the photo. Precision Scale. and Rail-Head also offered brass HO models.

Dan Mitchell

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I don’t have the photo handy, but if memory serves, it’s a dry ice car. 

Brian Ehni 
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Sorry if I missed it, but what is that light colored car left center?
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