Re: Stencil On CB&Q Boxcar

Todd Sullivan

Hi Bob,

Neat photos.  In the 1960s, when I clerked for a RR, it was unusual to see such stenciling unless the car was a hide car.  Hide cars were unfit for anything else, and were so stenciled.  As a Car Distributor or Clerk, I would have done my best to see that the loading restrictions were observed.  Usually, if a customer calls for an empty of a particular type, one can find a suitable car in one's local car supply.  Sometimes, one would have to get creative, but why ruin a good car that was sound and tight by loading some kind of gook into it?  Good cars were really hard to come by at times, so messing up a good one was kind of unforgivable.

I hope this answer helps.

Todd Sullivan

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