Re: Stencil On CB&Q Boxcar


some time ago I uploaded a Return m'tys via list to the files.
It barely makes this lists timeline however it shows that the railroad mgmt. provided some guidance and I would think in concert with that, could be used as a basis for discipline as Todd lists. 

And of the post by Ken, I believe he is correct also.   I recall reading a letter to the AAR(?) found in my studied railroad's General Managers files in that when a relatively young boxcar went off line, it went through five different railroads before it came home and was found with - oil stains on the floor and lining in addition to scoring marks from 55 gallon drums, rendered the car unfit in any manner to haul high value commodities that that a car of that value - and the AAR was asked to investigate shipping waybills of the other roads and force the offender to cover the costs of deeply sanding the floor and replacing some liner boards.                                                                                                         Jim Dick - St. Paul, MN                                                                     

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