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Richard Townsend

I thought "foobie" had some relationship to "FUBAR." F[ouled] up beyond all recognition.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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I searched through my saved emails archive and the earliest use of the term (which was clearly already
in use at the time) was back in 2007. I also searched through my archive of saved rec.models.railroad
(the old Usenet) messages and there are no occurrences of "foobie" - but I found MANY uses of the word
"bogus". So my guess is that we began using the word sometime around the start of the century. :-P

Here is a July 2009 email from David Hussey -

From: "dh30973" <dhussey@...>
Subject: [MFCL] What constitutes a Foobie?

What constitutes a Foobie? After reading all this debate, maybe we need to grade them.

Foobie 1a: An accurate car with minor mistakes in decorating (dates, COTS, ACI, capacity)
Foobie 1b: An accurate car with major mistakes in decorating (wrong number series, wrong color)

Foobie 2: A semi accurate car with detail mistakes for the decorating (wrong roof walk, high vs low brake)

Foobie 3: An semi-inaccurate car for the decorating (wrong door size)

Foobie 4: A car that is right for one scheme and totally bogus for others (The B&0 40 Hi-Cube, F box decorated for xxx)

Foobie 5: A Stand In, Something close in detail with an accurate scheme (Maybe the same F Box decorated for xxx)

Foobie 6: Nothing correct (Tyco warbonnet GP20)

Your mileage and rating can (and will) vary.

Someone's Foobie can be another person's favorite model, until "we" collectively rain on their parade. Maybe we can get the NMRA to require this printed on the box after a select secret panel votes on the rating.

Tongue somewhat firmly planted in cheek<g>.

Dave Hussey

On 2/23/2021 1:11 PM, Dave Nelson wrote:
I always assumed it was a Richard Hendrickson-ism.  It’s been on used on STMFC for such a long time, probably going all the way back to Tim O’Connor’s e-mail list.
Dave Nelson
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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Foobie
....I first started seeing it on the Steam Era Freight Car list (STMFC) with a RR twist."  

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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