Re: Foobie

Philip Dove

Looking in my 5 slang dictionaries i can't find foobie, it isn't in a dictionary of railway terms, or language of the underworld. Could it be derived from the US cartoon character Smokey Storer. who used the word "Foo" as a substitute word for anything where he couldn't be bothered to find the correct word. the manufacturers might be accused of; couldn't be bothered to find the correct prototype. the word Foo was used by the RAAF and Richard Hendricksen was a keen and knowledgeable aviator. 


On Tue, 23 Feb 2021 at 21:09, spsalso via <> wrote:
"fubar" is an adjective.

"foobie" is a noun.  

Sometimes you need a noun, and you make one up based on an existing, but appropriate, different part of speech.


Edward Sutorik

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