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In 1936 the Santa Fe rebuilt 13 cars from RR-11 series into dry ice cars. 6000-6002 were modified with three compartments and three small side doors. These were modified again in 1949 to look like a traditional reefer but with two compartments accessible through the door on the side. These were assigned to Spencer Chemical dry ice service. They were rebuilt into other cars in 1953-54.

6003-6006 were modified into three compartments with three side doors. They were sold to Spencer Chemical in 1949 and became SCJX 300-303.

6007-6012 were modified into four compartments with 4 side doors. They were rebuilt into RR-50 cars in 1951.

Sunshine kit 68.1 models the 6000, 68.2 models 6001-6005, and 68.3 models 6007-6012. Charlie Slater did the masters.


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Here are two more with gray sides and red ends - we may need to compile a timeline of ownership! :-)

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As to color, I would assume either white or silver. Probably white; see below. No, it’s not Mathieson, but a competitor.

For the car I photographed in 1961, it really looks to be gray. With red ends. Here's a cropped portion of the photo I took just prior to the other one, while the Baldwins were picking up the Erie covered hopper from the interchange track.

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