Re: Photo: Mostly Gondolas (Circa 1940s)

Mont Switzer

..........and the sides most likely were shot and needed replacement anyway. However, the stamped side panels obviously would cost more. Good way to make an older car worth hanging onto.

Mont Switzer
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Jerry Michels asked:
" did the volume increase on twin hopper increase over the normal plain side versions?"

Reported volume for the rebuilds varied depending on the vendor supplying the sides, but one example for the USRA twin:

Original Car: 1880 cu ft
NYCS Lots 639-H, 640-H, 641-H, 645-H, 651-H, 655-H (1,877 cars): 1980 cu ft
Increase in cubic capability: 100 cu ft, 5.3%

Ben Hom

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