Re: Red Owl warehouse

Bill J.

On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 09:14 AM, Clark Propst wrote:
Red Owl foods had grocery stores in Minnesota and some in surrounding states. They had a warehouse in Hopkins Minn. on the M&StL. I was given a seal book to transcribe from the middle on 1949 to Jan 1950. I have two canneries on my layout ad deliver reefers to them to ship out their canned goods. So far I've put three months worth of car loads into Excel. Out of curiosity I added up the canned goods cars so far. Canned goods are not all veggies, but this is what data I have. There are 12 reefers and 63 others, I'm assuming box cars, I haven't added ORER data yet. I guess I need to setout a few box cars once in awhile too?
Canned goods in reefers!  June thru Sept.  Wondering why.  What does RR Bob have to say?

Bill Jolitz

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