Re: Red Owl warehouse

Tony Thompson

Jim Dick wrote:

Freight forwarders, a shipper that I have researched on repeatedly however found precious little historical data to be compiled for a presentation, liked reefers and the three for one deal, from what limited data I have found. However now we are veering off the original thread.        

I think it's vital to remember that major refrigerator car owners like PFE, ART, and FGE had their primary obligation to shippers of fresh produce. To the extent that any backhaul might interfere with that, they actively tried to AVOID backhaul. And of course they were paid mileage for the cars, loaded or empty, so in revenue terms they could not have cared less.
     The parent railroads, of course, would have been happy to see revenue from backhauls, but understood that produce had to come first. That load of bicycles would be okay if shipped next week, but probably not the heads of lettuce.

Tony Thompson

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