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Schleigh Mike

Light bulbs were another 'back fill' commodity for reefers and, western reefers that got close to Maine might ship seed potatoes west, but, they really were a reefer item were they not.

By the way those American Olean tiles that found their way onto reefers were loaded on the somewhat obscure Pittsburg Shawmut & Northern RR until April of 1947 and then by the Pennsylvania that took over switching the Olean portion that survived  the road's closing.

Mike Schleigh, Grove City in western Penna.

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Other than bicycles, I have paperwork showing cigarettes, matches, tires, (yes tires) magazines and books were a big back-haul commodity as they were clean...

You can add ceramic tile to that list, which was typically shipped boxed to prevent damage, and the boxes were small enough (it's heavy!) to easily hand truck out through the narrow door. There was a distribution warehouse for American Olean tile in the neighborhood I grew up in, that received as many reefers as boxcars.

Dennis Storzek

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