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Douglas Harding

Fantastic job Clark. Lots of great information for the grocery business. Interesting that they only got nine loads of meat during this time period. And even more interesting three of those meat loads arrived in SLRX cars, ie Anheuser Busch beer cars. I’m going to assume most meat arrived via truck as did all dairy products.


From a Sanborn Map it looks like the warehouse was served by the GN, with the MSTL tracks across the street. The MILW would have been near by.,0.919,0.835,0.53,0


Red Owl was started in 1922 in Rochester MN, and opened their store in Hopkins in 1948, just the year before your report. This is soon after Western Grocer, a large grocery distributor based in Marshalltown IA was sold to an eastern conglomerate, who was consolidating the grocery industry.


Here is a photo of the plant in Hopkins

Supervalu still has a large distribution center at this location.


Doug Harding


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I've pretty done all I can with the grocery warehouse cars. I've found plenty of mistakes. I'm sure there was more. Please take a look at your favorite road and let me know if changes are needed? Would be nice to be able to add car classes, I know the ATSF, SP, UP used them. The PRR classes are in the ORER.

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