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Clark I am returning this with ATSF notes. I added the class of the cars and based on my Santa Fe Live List made some changes in the descriptions. The Santa Fe did a lot of car rebuilding as WWII wound down, so you will see cars that are listed as rebuilds. Sometimes they changed the car class and numbers when they rebuilt them, but sometimes they did not. Also the ORER would lump several classes of cars together if they had the same specs.  The only car that I tend to question is the one marked as BX-W on 8-6-1949. The BX-W were largely in MOW service by that time, so please recheck the number. Also note that RR51 275425 appears in the list twice, one day apart.



J. Stephen Sandifer


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Sent: Friday, February 26, 2021 6:45 PM
Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Red Owl warehouse


I've pretty done all I can with the grocery warehouse cars. I've found plenty of mistakes. I'm sure there was more. Please take a look at your favorite road and let me know if changes are needed? Would be nice to be able to add car classes, I know the ATSF, SP, UP used them. The PRR classes are in the ORER.

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