Re: Shortening Kadee Running Board

Tim O'Connor

Garth if you have not seen the MOLOCO 50 foot Morton running boards, you should
take a look at them. They have the correct rolled bottom flange found on none of the other
etched or plastic Morton running boards I've seen. (I admit I have not seen the Kadees.)
Plano simulated the flange on some of their covered hopper running boards - you glue the
flange precisely to the bottom of the edges of the rb.

Tim O'

On 2/27/2021 6:21 PM, Garth Groff and Sally Sanford wrote:
Tony and Bruce,

I would love to go the other way and lengthen a Kadee 40' Morton running board to 50'. Most Western Pacific/Sacramento Northern/Tidewater Southern 50' PS-1s had Morton running boards, and I have a mess of these I would like to be more accurate.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff  🦆

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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