Re: Monon 1937 AAR boxcar

Tim O'Connor

That is some very impressive truck modeling !! Well done. :-)

I think I have an IMWX (HO scale) kit (not built) in this paint scheme.

Tim O'

On 2/27/2021 6:27 PM, Richard Scott wrote:
Mont Switzer's 2017 Chicagoland RPM presentation motivated me to model a Monon boxcar.  O-scale CIL 9157 began as an Intermountain kit.  I scratchbuilt a new roof walk for it from styrene strips, and I replaced some of the kit's more fragile styrene parts with brass equivalents.  I painted the car with Polly Scale and MicroLux acrylics, and lettered it with Protocraft decals.

The Monon had 450 of these 1937 AAR boxcars, with road numbers 9000-9449.  Pullman-Standard built them in 1941 and 1942, and all rode on National B-1 trucks.  O-scale B-1s are hard to find so I "scratch-bashed" these from 1970s-vintage Atlas Bettendorf trucks.  The Atlas side-frames were molded from high-impact polystyrene so the conversion wasn't difficult.  The attached photos show how I did it.

Stay well,
Dick Scott


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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