Re: Red Owl warehouse

Clark Propst

I’m taking a minute to glance at the sugar car seals. I’ll write down any initials in the seal numbers as I find them.


NP, Holly, ASR?, BED, W, note: groc Fargo, ICT?, SICW, FS, FSR?-SFR?, All entries are one offs, except the NP which there were several 90+ % were just numbers. ? means I’m not sure of the letters.


Since finishing this I’ve received several photos and track maps. There was a lumber yard behind the depot. There are several lumber related loads in the book. I think I’ll transcribe them now too. I also have a photo of new 40s era Chevys unloaded at the implement platform by the depot. There are several auto and auto related entries. That is all that’s in the book.



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