Re: Mystery boxcars - anyone know what these are based off or of any similar cars?

Jim Gates

The white one appears to be a Train Miniature stock no 8073, part of the car spotter's series. Later released as stock no 2264. I believe the prototype actually had the doors down at the end of the side.

Jim Gates

On Sunday, February 28, 2021, 12:25:11 PM CST, CapnMatter <capnmatter@...> wrote:

I bought these cars for cheap at a trainshow the other day, I knew when I bought them they'd need work. I'm sure there's cars that line up with these, I just don't know of what. Anyone know?

141.2mm long, or in HO 40ft
33.3mm wide, or 9ft 6in
35.9mm tall, or about 10ft tall

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