Re: Shell reporting mark ?ZWX

Richard Townsend

I'm going to take a stab at this. Here's a few things I noticed:
1. the reporting mark is unclear at best
2. The reporting mark is light struck
3. The top stroke of the "Z," if that is what it is, us higher than the tops of the other letters
4. The car appears to be lettered for the Shell Chemical Co.

Based on that, I don't think the reporting mark is ?ZWX. I think it is SCMX. Back to front, I think we all agree that the last letter is "X." Rather than a "W" I think the next to last letter is an "M." It's easy to mix up a "W" with an "M" in a blurry photo given the similar strokes in the letters in this "font." The next letter to the left looks like a "Z" but it has that problem of reaching above the other letters and being quite degraded in the image. I don't think one can make a call on this letter based just on its image in this photo. Given that this appears to be a Shell Chemical Co. car, and that company has SCMX reporting marks, I'm going to say it must be a "C." And the first letter is obscured, but again given Shell Chemical Co., I will say it's an "S."

Or I could be totally wrong.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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Scanning some photos by Raymond V. Pelot of Martinez today, I noticed a pair of Shell tank cars in the foreground.  SCCX 1114 was a 7960 gal TMI with heater coils and a 345 gal dome.  The silver Shell car next to it is a mystery with a _ZWX reporting mark.  Perusal of the 36 and 55 tank car tariffs and the 43 ORER don't provide an obvious answer.  Any ideas on the full mark?

John Barry
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