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Ed Hawkins

On Mar 2, 2021, at 10:16 AM, Gatwood, Elden J SAD <elden.j.gatwood@...> wrote:

Has anyone received an early PS-1 from Kadee?
Which RRs would be represented by this model?
I assume they’re up to Kadee’s usual standard of accuracy.
What do you think?

I have received several of Kadee’s new models, and your assumption is correct.

Kadee models representing PS-1 box cars built in 1947 & 1948 are found at In addition to the good info that Ben provided before my reply was completed, I offer the following.

Catalogue numbers of Kadee models released to date (all are sold out at Kadee):

4322 ATSF 276749
4323 NH 33870
4324 Southern 262053
4326 UP 100675
4328 ATSF 276604
4329 NYC 167299

The above models released to date have either 6’ or 7’ door openings. Kadee’s “early” PS-1 box car models have retooled ends, roof (2 versions), side sill connections with crosswise underframe components, doors (all Superior 7-panel), some additional rivets not found on post-1950 PS-1s, and new end details that also include some hand brakes not previously offered.

The two roof versions are the original (but short-lived) PS-1 welded roof and alternate PS-1 roof. The alternate roof is like the post-1950 roof except lacking crosswise pressed corrugations on the two roof sheets adjacent to the ends.

Railroads matching the existing Kadee PS-1 bodies with 10-panel welded sides include the following.

LV, BM, CGW, KCS, MEC, NYC (original PS-1 welded roof)

ATSF, COPR, CMO, CNW, DSS&A, NH, P&WV, Southern, UP (alternate early-version riveted PS-1 roof)

Railroads owning PS-1s built in 1947-1948 with similar features but with 8’ door openings are SA, Seaboard, SL-SF, and Southern. Time will tell if Kadee will release models of these cars.

Incidentally, the link Ben provided for my PS-1 roster dates back to about 20 years ago and has since been extensively updated. I’ll work with Rob to provide the updated roster to the STMFC web site. 

Hope this answers your questions.
Ed Hawkins

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