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Thanks for helping on my request for information on the brakes for the RCW Soo Line boxcar kit.  Ed Hawkins emailed me yesterday off-list regarding the brake gear on the Soo Line 50’ boxcars.  After several emails back and forth I have enough information to build an accurate car.  A photo of the completed end is attached.


The answer is that different series used different brake gear.  The two series built in 1940 used Klasing brakes.  The kit includes a Klasing brake wheel.  This is the brake wheel and brake gear that Resin Car Works is selling through Shapeways.  The brake gear is also included with the kit.  It is the brake gear just above the brake levers and underneath the coupler box.


The other two series of boxcars used Universal brake gear with a Universal M2049 brake wheel.  Currently an HO M2049 brake wheel is not available.  I decided to model a 1940 car so that I can use the excellent Klasing brake gear provided with the kit.


Once Frank gets back from vacation, I would be interested in knowing what brand of brake gear is represented by the brake gear included with the kit that is in-line with the brake cylinder.  I am still learning about the various manufacturers of brake gear, but an trying to add the correct brake gear to my models.  I’m sure I can use that casting on one of my other projects.  Too many kits rely on just the Tichy AB brake set which only comes with Ajax brake gear.  Kadee makes a variety of great brake wheels, but you guys are including different brake gear that makes the models even better.



Rich Remiarz




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I'm not 100% certain, but I think the proper brake gear housing is the one in-line with the brake cylinder and air reservoir on the resin parts sheet. I've reviewed the instructions and prototype images a couple times and that seems to be the one to use. Instructions and prototype images are posted on the kit extras page.


On page three of the first instruction PDF is an image of the kit parts with the resin detail parts sheet in the upper right corner. I think the other brake gear housing is there for another possible kit that needs the same parts details. I'll check with Frank as soon as he's back from a family vacation.




Eric Hansmann

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I am in the process of building the Resin Car Works Soo Line 50’ boxcar kit.  Two different type of brake gear are provided, but I couldn’t find any information that shows which series of cars used which brake gear.  Does  anyone have this information?



Rich Remiarz

Vadnais Heights, MN


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