Did any Milwaukee Rib Sided Cars use the Royal Brake Regulator

Ken Adams

I am currently working on a new Accurail MILW Double Door 40 foot car and it occurred to me that somewhere I had read that they used the Royal Brake Regulator cylinders and levers.

I checked all on hand available information suck as the Kindraka article on the RS and my incomplete file of Ted Culotta's Essential Freight cars but there were no tables of specialties that might have answered the question. I am primarily an SP modeler do not have an extensive collection of data on foreign road cars.  I have reviewed Lester Brewer's and George Toman's builds based on earlier versions by the the Rib Sided Car Company. I guess I should take their research which I usually assume is correct and did not show the Royal Brake regulator. 

Some time ago for some reason I purchased the Kadwell Royal Brake regulator 3D prints for a WP car project. If the MILW RS cars used the Royal Regulator parts I have to find those parts as they didn't get put with the rest of my brake system specialties. 

If anyone has a table/spreadsheet on which RR's were users of the Royal Brake regulator, I would appreciate. 


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