AB brake component location on the SP A-50-4


I have just started building the Speedwitch SP A-50-4 kit and would like to update it with AB brakes. The kit is supplied with K brakes and states that no A-50-4s made it past 1953 as there is no evidence of them being equipped with AB brakes. Since the kits manufacture, Tony Thompson has posted a blog with car maintenance records for some of the cars in the class, and it is clear that indeed at least some of the class did receive AB brakes and continued to operate beyond 1953. I'm just wondering if anyone on the list would have any info regarding correct component location. I would assume that the cylinder would be mounted in the same location as the original but what about the triple valve and the reservoir? I could guess at where these would be based on common practices but was hoping someone might have more detailed info. Thanks,
Kevin Lafferty

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