GN Hog-Fuel car, was: [RealSTMFC] AB brake component location on the SP A-50-4

Daniel A. Mitchell

Hi Scott:

Great looking car. Was this some kit or a scratch built?

I recently finished two GN hog-fuel cars from Portland Car & Foundry kits. They are rather similar, with open tops, but have no exterior bracing.

Dan MItchell

On Mar 4, 2021, at 2:36 PM, Scott Kremer <skremer@...> wrote:

I just completed two Great Northern hog fuel cars.  Forty foot cars made from old flat cars.  AB brakes as well.  What I am curious about is that they too had the top of the ends painted white, exactly like this SP car.  Usually I would have thought it was for an excess height car but neither the GN cars or this car are of unusual height.  Was it to designate that there was no roof?  Had not seen this before.

Scott Kremer

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