Re: GN Hog-Fuel car, was: [RealSTMFC] AB brake component location on the SP A-50-4

Paul Doggett


That’s a great looking build excellent workmanship.
Paul Doggett.   England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 

On 4 Mar 2021, at 21:38, Scott Kremer <skremer@...> wrote:

Thanks, yours look great as well. These were two of the cars I finished for my MMR.  They are scratch built.  I did two with the same number, one loaded, one empty.  Each car has about 500 parts and 1300 Archer rivets.  I think I came pretty close to the prototype. I got the info from Staffan.  I did freelance the underbody and the interiors as there is no info on those parts.  One fun item was to complete construction of the underbody and then paint all of it except the outside of the side sills.  I then installed a stained wood floor a board at a time.  That way I ended with cars that looked like they had the steel parts completed before they did the rest of the car built.  The bare outside of the side sills let me glue everything and apply the rivets before painting that part.  I attached an in process shot you might get a kick out of. If you look at the two vertical posts and compare then to the rest you will see that I applied a whole row of rivets and then eliminated every other rivet.  That let me get the spacing I needed.

Scott Kremer

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