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O Fenton Wells

Good info Clark thanks for sharing 

On Mar 5, 2021, at 9:59 AM, Clark Propst <> wrote:

I've finished the list, except for future corrections of course. I'm adding some comments for clarification and the new list. Clark

  Yes, they had a foundry there. Implements would be all outbound. It is 1949,  big years for farm equipment. Tires and wheels would be inbound to use on tractors and machinery. Firebrick, clay and silicone for the foundry and mold making. other stuff all inbound, rivets, drill bits, wood, steel wool, steel, bolts, belts. Engines would have been outbound. They made their own engines there. Would be interesting to find out what % of outbound was in boxcars and flatcars. Pallets would have been for machinery that was strapped to it and sent out unassembled.(small stuff like plows.) Brian

I would suggest some of the Wheel loads might be from Electric Wheel in Quincy Ill.  Who made the wheels for mounting the tires for the machinery. Steve


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