Re: Hacked ?

Jim Betz

These spammers/hackers -often- "harvest" a real email address (not
necessarily by hacking the owner's computer/email) and use that as
the "return address" on the email.  The real scam is in the active
link(s) in the body of the email.  You can not even rely upon the text
of the link because it is -easy- to put one thing in the text that you see
and have it actually link to another place.
  Click and be damned!
  If you know Mr. Stern personally you might tell him of what we are
seeing ... but in all probability he won't find anything on his computer
or with his email provider that is involved in this.

  I'm not sure how I feel about the "warnings" several of us have
posted to this group.  Do we really need to know about it?  In all
probability by the time the warning is raised ... any one who might
have clicked on/responded to the scam has already done so.
  I'm not saying these email scams are "nothing" ... I'm just not
sure it is important to warn the rest of us about it ... ???
                                                                                           - Jim

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