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Steve and Barb Hile

Clark’s data does span 6 months of time.  Maybe long enough to spot a trend?


Steve Hile


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  When looking at the make up of an individual train or cut of cars - we
shouldn't pay too much attention to the mix of cars from a particular road.
  Most of the time the yard clerk assigns cars based upon convenience
and the car forwarding rules.  Only if the cars are marked/designated for
dedicated service does that come in to play.
  As you said - the road mix for these box cars is an "anomaly" ... or
perhaps we should just say that the mix on this particular day wasn't
so much 'rare' as much as it is 'interesting'?
  Only when we have data for a collection of trains over an extended
period of time can we reach any conclusions about the mix (and even
then it can be skewed).
                                                                                   - Jim

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