Re: Hacked ?

Tim O'Connor

Or SPOOFED. Once a spammer gets hold of someone's address book, they can make
emails appear to come from anywhere. Just like fake caller IDs on robot phone calls. Ain't
technology great? :-P

It could be fixed, but no one can make a fortune off you by fixing it... So, it will probably
never be fixed. As Bill Gates once famously said, the worst reason to fix something is simply
because it is broken.

So called "hacking" is actually quite rare i.e. breaking into your actual machine. But almost all
email services now FORCE users to store their emails in the "cloud" - and that includes their
address books. This is the "imap" protocol which has serious security problems. Comcast
forced me to switch last year.

Tim O'Connor


On 3/5/2021 11:20 AM, Schuyler Larrabee via wrote:
I don't think it's the site, I think Mr Stern has been hacked.


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´╗┐Has the site been hacked as I got an unusual email to undisclosed recipients that was not about freight cars. A guy asking to do something urgent for him and asking to reply! 

Paul Doggett 

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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