Re: Help Identifying Unusual Boxcar (MoPac coke service?)

Richard Brennan early-style SP Hog Fuel car might be a more likely candidate up in that part of Oregon.

The first letter of the road name peeking out under the shadow on the end appears to be rounded;
I can't convince myself it would be an "M".

Richard Brennan - San Leandro CA

At 05:43 PM 3/6/2021, Ken Roth wrote:
I have a picture of a train on the S.P. Toledo branch in Oregon taken circa 1949. I would like to know the prototype for the unusual double-sheathed boxcar directly behind the engine. It appears to be a modified boxcar (roof removed and extra side doors added). It appears also to have a "inverse Murphy ribbed end". It is most definitely not an S.P. car and the reporting marks might be M.P. The herald also perhaps might suggest M.P. I looked in the 1950 ORER and found MoPac boxcars converted to coke cars. If so, I have no idea what its doing on a branch in the Oregon woods! I have not been able to find any MoPac photo online that might confirm my guess. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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