Re: Help Identifying Unusual Boxcar (MoPac coke service?)

Steven D Johnson



I have a photo of an L&N coke car in Mexico!


Steve Johnson

Nashville, TN


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Ed Hawkins verified the car is MP. Coke in MP (and L&N and others) cars was a common sight in Colorado
and coke-coal traveled over Donner Pass on a daily basis (usually in D&RGW cars) and probably may still.
How this car ended  up in Oregon - I don't know - but I can imagine someone needed coke there and then the
car might have been grabbed for hog fuel... who knows?

Transportation can be weird. Yesterday I was reading that a major grain shipper (Scoular) loads soybeans into
empty 40 foot international containers in Kansas City and ships the grain via the port of Los Angeles to China!
You might think that sounds very inefficient - it does to me! But it makes sense to somebody. :-D

Tim O'Connor

On 3/7/2021 1:02 AM, Todd Sullivan via wrote:

I think that finding an MP coke car on the SP Toledo Branch is a little far-fetched. The SP converted several different kinds of single sheathed boxcars into 'hog fuel' (woodchip) cars, including some 40 footers.  They al had pretty odd side doors for unloading.  Also, there was a fairly healthy business hauling woodchips from lumber mills to paper mills on the SP in Oregon beginning in the late 1940s. 

My SP freight car books are packed away, so I can't check, but did the SP have any 40 foot cars with inverse Murphy ends?  BTW, I could be easily convinced that the herald is an SP herald and not an MP herald.  Can anyone check in Tony Thompson's Boxcar book to see what this might be?

Todd Sullivan

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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