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Schuyler Larrabee

Bill Glass was behind E&B Valley and Robin’s Rails (named for his daughter, IIRC).  They were located in the Lower Hudson Valley, in the general vicinity of Poughkeepsie.


Bev-Bel was not (AFAIK) involved with Bill Glass.  Separate company in New Jersey.  Dick Waite, a local dealer, was friendly with the proprietors.


Front Range had their own die cutter, who was somehow connected, eventually, with Intermountain, if only that he cut the dies that IM later acquired.  I spoke with him by phone once, and praised the fact that FR roofs were profiled inside and out reflecting how the panels were shaped.  He remarked that it was actually easier that way and reduced the amount of material required for the parts.




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Bill Glass behind E&B Valley, Robins Rails, and Bev-Bel and even contracted to do some
molds for either Front Range or McKean?? My memories are starting to all mush together... :-D

What happened to the E&B Valley passenger cars including the Osgood Bradley car?

Tim O'Connor

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The good news is that it was taken over by Eastern Car Works.  The bad news is that they too seem to be out of business



Andy Miller


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I believe this company is out of business.
Did another company or companies take over their product line?
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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