Re: Rio Grande Oil Company HO decals special run

Richard Townsend

Rio Grande merged with Richfield in 1936. 

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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My 1938 ORER lists RGOX under Richfield Oil of California. Cars listed as RGOX are 101,102 201-255 601-606 607, 608 609-623 800, 801 802 804-810 811-815 816

Al Smith
Sonora CA
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Really cool project.  And as I model the Bay Area, I thought it would be appropriate to add a RGOX car to my fleet.  Checking the 36 and 55 tank car tariffs RGOX is in the 36, but not the 55.  When I looked at my Jan 43 and Oct 44 ORERs, RGOX is AWOL also.  Do you know when the Rio Grande tank car fleet was sold and to whom?


John Barry
ATSF North Bay Lines 
Golden Gates & Fast Freights 
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