Re: Help Identifying Unusual Boxcar (MoPac coke service?)

Ken Roth

Thanks to Ed Hawkins and everyone who chimed in with this interesting puzzle.  Just to summarize what has been said:

1. Ed provides an airtight indentification.  Bravo!

2. I checked all my SP resources (carefully checking Tony Thompsons' SP boxcar and SP automobile car books).  There are NO SP boxcars which could have been the basis for this conversion.  One additional observation, the road number is not readable, but it does have 6 digits, which would be requisite for being a MoPac coke car.

3. The question remains HOW and WHY the car ended up on the Toledo branch in Oregon which mainly existed to service lumber industry on the branch.  As many have suggested, it is likely that the car was hijacked for transporting hog fuel from mills on the branch to the Willamette valley ("railroad west" but geographically eastbound) for heating.

This looks like it could be a great kitbash from an Accurail 36' box for all you MoPac fans, and those Espee fans clever enough to invent a story to justify its existence on their pike (sadly it won't fit mine - Siskiyou Line in So. Oregon).

I'd love to see the photo Ed mentioned from the RPCyc vol 14.  I don't own this one. 

Ken Roth

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