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Charles Peck

I found that railroads were not the only users of Pintsch Gas.  It was also used to light coastal buoys and such.  The pictured car could therefore be delivering gas for those uses as well as rail needs.

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Surprised to see one in service in 1961 (a year after this list’s end date). 
It does seem rather late, but CN had lots of little branchlines where they had to continue passenger service. Electric lighting of passenger cars in this service was always problematic because the cars typically didn't run fast enough to fully recharge the batteries. A lot of roads this side of the border reverted to kerosene lamps in this service, the lightweight rib side cars the Milwaukee Road built during the thirties for this sort of service were built with kerosene lamps, The CN must have thought enough of the Pintsch system to keep their gas production plant in service, and therefore needed cars to deliver to outlying terminals.

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