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Thanks, Dennis, for clarifying that it was Fred Brummet, who was the tool maker.  I remember (NOW, of course) that he was in at the beginning of Intermountain.  The practices of Mr Becker certainly leave something to be desired in the ethics department.  It’s unfortunate that he essentially killed a couple of promising companies.




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Front Range had their own die cutter, who was somehow connected, eventually, with Intermountain, if only that he cut the dies that IM later acquired.  I spoke with him by phone once, and praised the fact that FR roofs were profiled inside and out reflecting how the panels were shaped.  He remarked that it was actually easier that way and reduced the amount of material required for the parts.


The toolmaker at Front Range Products (AKA Tapp Industries) was Fred Brummet (sp?). He was later one of the founding partners at Intermountain.

Fred Becker, owner of Front Range and Brummet's boss, liked to sell tooling services. They tooled the 50' PS-1 for Bill Glass, the 40' PS-1 for Bill McKean, and a GP-9 for some outfit called East Coast Models, IIRC. Becker liked to promote projects, build the tooling, run production all out of proportion to sales, then bill the customer, and take the tools back when the customer wouldn't, or couldn't pay. This is how both the GP-9 and PS-1 ended up in the Front Range product like. Eventually, Becker took the McKean name, too.

Dennis Storzek

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