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Gatwood, Elden J SAD


Absolutely agree. Mis-routing was more common than many folks think.

I stumbled across stacks of correspondence trying to find out where cars disappeared. Sometimes it was intentional, like the routing of the "offal" car. Most often, mis-read destinations.

There were gondolas frequently mis-routed on purpose, to feed local needs. B&O hated the PRR, who scooped up B&O hoppers at every opportunity.

Many mistakes were just made by accident. Numerous cars did get off their intended route by simple cases of creating the wrong destination.

I sometimes threw a "mistake" car in my trains, to see if the operators would notice, and re-route back. Nope.

Elden Gatwood

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Maybe the coke car was lost.

One of the things that did happen with alarming frequency is a car would get misdirected. On the MoPac there was an El Dorado, Kansas and an El Dorado, Arkansas and both were in oil fields and one had a Skelly and the other a Lion Oil refinery. Both were pronounced El-Doe-RAY-doe and the team tracks would sometimes get misdirected equipment will oilfield machinery. The Kansas machinery should have been sent to Arkansas for example.

The car might have been sent to Salem, Oregon instead of Salem, Illinois for interchange. Salem, Illinois was in an area where a lot of railroads crossed. Watch someone in Oregon send it to Massachusetts next.

Jim Ogden
Argyle, Texas

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