Mis-routed Cars ... was Re: [Non-DoD Source] Re: [RealSTMFC] Help Identifying Unusual Boxcar (MoPac coke service?)

Jim Betz

  And why would you expect your operators to be any less human than
the guys on the 1-1 RRs.  *G*  

  Your operators probably said "If Elden put it in the train it must need to
be delivered somewhere!" - because Elden NEVER makes a mistake.
  Or they might have 'gotten creative' and rolled a waybill in a carcard
"for you" so that it made "sense" to deliver it.

  Besides - those cars just balanced out the ones they pulled and brought
back to you when the waybill clearly indicated it should stay at right where
it was.  *VBG*
                                                                                      - Jim

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