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Interesting data for a rather obscure railway. I've always been intrigued by the rather grandiously-named New Jersey, Indiana & Illinois. The line was actually built by the Singer Sewing Machine interests, and was named for the three states where Singer had plants. The line was sold to the Wabash in 1926, but retained as a separate railroad, which probably got the Wabash a bigger cut of any freight payments. For an 11-mile line the NJ&I had a pretty impressive fleet of boxcars.

Actually Sudebaker wasn't going that strong in 1953. They had serious production delays bringing new models to the market, Ford and GM were in a price war that hurt Sudebaker more than each other, and the production/sales costs of each Studebaker was much higher than comparable GM or Ford products. The next year they merged with failing Packard, which was probably the worst decision Studebaker could have made. What I consider the most beautiful car of the 1950s, the Studebaker Hawk couldn't save them, though the 1960 Lark bought them some time. Fleet sales also kept them going; California, for instance, heavily bought Studebaker autos and pick-up trucks, but the actual profit per unit must have been pretty low. I learned to drive in a 1962 Studebaker Lark, an ex-California Forestry Service car, but that's beyond our period of interest (as well as irrelevant to our discussion).

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I was recently able to acquire 4 pages of "Daily Interchange Report of Cars" from the NJI&I to the Wabash at Pine, Indiana.  For those unfamiliar with the NJI&I, it was a Wabash subsidiary which ran about 11 miles from South Bend to Pine.  The following list is dated 06May53.  It is cars which were left between 11P and midnight for pick up by Eastbound Wabash Train #96.  Employee timetable shows #96 due at Pine around 3A; but a note on the report shows it due at Pine around 9A on 07May.  All cars originated at South Bend.  I am showing Initials, Number, Destination, Contents.

Looks like Studebaker was going strong in 1953!

Hope the formatting comes thru intact.

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Wab  49219   Roxbury MA          Autos
LV   6234    Roxbury MA          Autos
LV   6649    Roxbury MA          Autos
Wab  49348   Bronx NY            Autos
Wab  49162   Warrensburg NY      Autos
Wab  49701   Somersville MA      Autos
Wab  49757   Mariden CT          Autos
LV   6627    Plattsburg NY       Autos
LV   6635    New Haven CT        Autos
LV   6618    Northampton MA      Autos
LV   6305    New Bedford MA      Autos
Wab  49325   Weehawken NJ        Autos
Wab  49136   Weehawken NJ        Autos
Wab  49526   Worcester MA        Autos
PM   83743   *                   Agricultural Implements
Wab  49512   Portsmouth NH       Autos
Wab  49462   Gardner Heywood MA  Autos
Wab  49120   Lynn MA             Autos
CP   294924  Presque Isle ME     Autos
CP   294984  Presque Isle ME     Autos
CP   294952  Cambridge MA        Autos
CN   662759  Detroit MI          Machinery
RDG  32202   Niagara Falls NY    --
RDG  102050  Milan NH            --
C&O  51134   Toledo OH           --
C&O  117019  Toledo OH           --

* Looks like "NY Ltge Sta NJ"
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