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Isn’t this discussion a month (actually 23 days) early???

Being so light, what would happen if it was run on a layout in a basement pressurized to avoid having to have the llally columns supporting the house above?   Would the car float along with the helium tank cars?

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With a shipping weight of only 213 pounds I doubt that a flat car was required. I did notice that dimensions were not given in the handbook data … so … the Turboencabulator might be a large item of rather light material. Thinking about this … a flat car might have been necessary. 


Would a PC cab-forward in Utah be in pool service and running off miles to balance the sharing? 


Please post the photo!


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I have a photo of one of these on a raised-center flat car behind a Penn Central cab forward taken somewhere in Utah.
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Turboencabulator - Wikipedia


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